Early morning Dank memes - Page 2 of 4 - LOL WHY


Early morning Dank memes - Page 2 of 4 - LOL WHY


  1. Posted by BN_AD, — Reply

    The answers are 100% legally true , even if not typical. I wish schools & teachers would accept that some students think genuinely different than the rest -not for showing off or anything- . They assume if a 350 student understood it the way they Want & you were the only one who got it differently , well it’s your mistake.

  2. Posted by superblackhawk666, — Reply

    Freshman year in college. Had a Philosophy test before we left to play football. I was in no mood for testing. First page multiple choice. Second page. Essay. Essay question was? "Why?" I wrote "Why Not?" Turned in test and got on bus to go play. We got beat and I dropped a pass a 2 year old could catch. Got an 89 on the test. Go figure?

  3. Posted by emcbride4490, — Reply

    ... what fucking class is that

  4. Posted by autobot1986, — Reply

    Even though the boy failed his paper, but that kid got everyone on the bottom of the paper 😂😂

  5. Posted by hannahpearl28, — Reply

    kinda can tell it's fake because the "teachers" handwriting is the same as the "students"

  6. Posted by fleet2730, — Reply

    No. Make that kid the fucking deputy president of the world ( sorry kid the dr comes first )

  7. Posted by MeghanaGumma, — Reply

    In what world do people ask the reason for divorce to kids on a test

  8. Posted by thatsweetpotato, — Reply

    Why the F ???? if I was the teacher,I would literally give him an A+.

  9. Posted by denizjanf, — Reply

    Wait napoleon didn't die in battle.

  10. Posted by cadencedolphy, — Reply

    F... but A+ for creativity

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