How to Water the 15 Most Popular Houseplants


Keeping a plant alive and thriving isn't always the easiest task. To make it simple, here is a comprehensive guide to watering the 15 most popular houseplants.


  1. Posted by cvengrin, — Reply

    Haha, unless you're in the desert, it's more like water succulents every 10-15 WEEKS. Spider plants also would not do well with water every 5-10 days. They hate being too wet. This guide is pretty terrible.

  2. Posted by coffeetimebetch, — Reply

    Did you know that if you overwater an aloe plant it will swell up and blister, and the next morning when you go to have a coffee you will find that overnight it exploded all over the coffee table leaving nothing more than an empty pot, gooey tentacle debris, and slime as if an alien gave birth in your living room?

  3. Posted by marcellefernee, — Reply

    Following guides like this will get an inexperienced houseplant owner nowhere... you need to observe your plants regularly, take into consideration the humidity of the space, the amount of light they're getting, the time of the year... there are many factors that need to be in balance for a healthy plant. Forget about guides like this!! Worthless.

  4. Posted by aaaaataa, — Reply

    one time I forgot to water my violet for 2 days and it was already losing the tips of the leafs, because I live in a super dry area, so hmm follow your heart when watering the plants

  5. Posted by Shadowhunter2156, — Reply

    This really isn’t very accurate. You need to observe your plants, yourself. Every environment will vary in its conditions, so this won’t necessarily work for you. It’s just a key to watch your own plant and water when needed

  6. Posted by romynb, — Reply

    Not very accurate. If I spend 10 days without watering my Peace Lily, I'll find her absolutely dead. Now I'm watering every 2 days, in winter I can go up to 3-4 days. Not more than that!

  7. Posted by funkygecko393, — Reply

    As a member of the British cactus and succulent soviet this is incorrect DO NOT FOLLOW THIS WATER YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF TIMES

  8. Posted by ghanes14, — Reply

    I think this depends greatly on how much water is given too. We had a succulent and it only needed watered about once a month if we watered it good. Just a tad and it would dry up in a week.

  9. Posted by thepositivesnailofficial, — Reply

    GUESS WHATTTTTT? Don’t let the type of plant make you water it in a certain way 🌵 This post is just a suggestion on how often you should water a certain plant! Please water your plant based on its condition, if it’s pale of yellow or leggy, it might need more or less water. All plants are special babies 💖🌱

  10. Posted by slwr4444, — Reply

    You should really just water your plants according to how wet or dry they already are, not go on a schedule

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